Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Enjoy Life Seed and Fruit Mix

Our family had the pleasure of trying the new Enjoy Life fruit and seed mix. I also received cookies for my clients to try as well. We really enjoyed the new fruit and seed mix and enjoyed both kinds they sent; Beach Bash and Mountain Mambo. I really enjoyed that I could send the mix in my children's lunches because they were nut free. I felt good about sending it as well because it has a very natural ingredient list and free of all of the allergens. It also made a great snack at the rink. We went through the mixes very quickly but they would excellent also in Greek yogurt or in a bowl of cereal.

As always I am impressed with the quality and taste of Enjoy Life Foods. It is important that I find and make food for my children that taste great and have a variety of nutrients needed for them.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Enjoy Life New Crunchy Cookies

Enjoy Life sent our family four new kinds of cookies to sample. They sent chocolate chip, double chocolate, sugar crisp and vanilla honey graham. They were all really great cookies and we enjoyed all of them. I think my favourite was double chocolate but they were all really good. They have the perfect amount of crunch to them and have a great taste. My kids loved them and always enjoy being able to sample new foods. My son thinks his dream job would be to sample foods and give his opinion, I would have to agree. It is nice that Enjoy Life Foods is a dedicated company free of all of the allergens. We all agreed that they do not taste like gluten free cookies and are not missing anything being free of so much that you would find in a cookie. Thank you to Enjoy Life Foods for making another great product our whole family can enjoy!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Semi–Sweet Chocolate Mega Chunks and Double Chocolate Crunch Granola

Our family loves food and we love getting samples from Enjoy Life Foods. It is like Christmas when a new box comes to sample foods from Enjoy Life. The best part is that I can safely feed the foods to my children knowing they are free of all of the allergens. We have really enjoyed all of the products from Enjoy Life.

We were recently sent Mega chunks chocolate chips and Double chocolate crunch granola from the new line. They were both excellent and we enjoyed them. The chunks were excellent in the batch of homemade gluten free cookies, yum! We loved the granola as well, it is great in Greek yogurt with fresh berries or put on top of a smoothie.

It is very important to me that my children eat a variety of foods on the gluten free diet. I do not want them feeling like they are missing out on foods that they used to love. I want them to enjoy food, thank you to Enjoy Life Foods for a great line of foods my children can eat.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Enjoy Life Foods

When my son went off gluten and many other allergens he was concerned that food would not taste good anymore. He loves food and wants to be a chef one day and while he didn't mind going off of things that were making him sick he wanted to eat well still. I promised him I would make his diet as best as I possibly could. I have taught myself to bake gluten free foods which can be tricky to get right sometimes and I make a variety of gluten free foods each day. While I love to bake sometimes we get busy and can not always have fresh baked treats. I was contacted to sample some of Enjoy Life new products. As a Registered Nutritionist I like that the foods they make are free of ten of the most common allergens. They are free of gluten, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, soy, fish, shellfish, sulfites, and sesame. The are also made without casein and potato which are also common allergens. They can be sent to school as a treat being free of all nuts. The list of ingridents is real foods you would bake with yourself. We sampled the no-oats oatmeal cookies, snickerdoodle cookies and double chocolate brownie cookies. We have also previously sampled the chocoalte bars which were also excellent. We enjoyed all of the new products and found they tasted great and would be enjoyed by anyone. My children loved them and they were excited to sample them. I would buy any of the Enjoy Life products again in the grocery store. Gluten free and allergen treats can be fun and taste great as well. The cookies were all really great tasting and nice and soft. My children loved them and I would purchase them in stores. For more information on the different products and allergen information please visit;

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Catching Up

Fresh juice; beets, ginger, carrots, & pears

Kelsey's favourite oatmeal, she loves it for breakfast and before figure skating. The oatmeal has in it hempseeds, cinnamon, apple cider, gogi berries, dehydrated apples, and almond milk.
Gogi berries have protein, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron and other vitamins and minerals. They taste great in hot apple cider, oatmeal and herbal teas, the kids love them. They are good in berry herbal tea with honey and fresh ginger if you are not feeling great.
Hemp seeds are great sprinkled on foods, they don't have any taste really and provide a lot of nutrients. I try to add hemp, flax, chia or sesame seeds to foods for extra nutrients. Hemp seeds have omegas, calcium, iron, vitamin E, zinc, magnesium, and phosphorus. You can sprinkle them on just before serving the food.

We have been using the dehydrator lots lately. We used the market fruits and have done apples, strawberries, apricots, pears and grocery store organic bananas. Yum! They make great school snacks. They don't last long here, they get eaten very quickly!

My SIL baked Connor gf banana bread and saltine crackers for his lunches. Connor loves banana bread and he was so happy to finally have it again. The saltine crackers were great and we have enjoyed them in soups, rice crackers are just not the same in soup. :)

Connor's lunch for the first day of school; gluten free noodles, local market vegetables; carrots, celery, broccoli, & cucumbers, hormone free leftover steak, oil dressing. He loved it. :)

local fruit from the market
We are back in the fall routine with school, homework, figure skating, Acro and hockey. Connor has been taking cooking lessons and loving every minute of it. We are going to the market on the weekends and enjoying all the local foods, we are going to miss it this winter. Starting to make fall foods and drinks and getting my fall menu plan ready.
What are your favourite foods and drinks in the fall?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gluten Free Bread

Connor is a lucky boy, his Aunt Andrea is always making him yummy food that he can eat. She knows how much he loves to eat and how he just wants to be a normal kid. For her birthday pool party she made amazing gluten free cupcakes and he loved them. She has made many birthday cakes and yummy treats over the years that the kids and us have enjoyed. She read my blog the other day when I was saying how much he missed a good sandwich. She went and got a book from Chapters and made him a loaf of gluten free bread. It was sooo good, it was soft, had a great taste and texture and he loved it. We went today to find the cookbook but they were all out of them. Thanks again for the great bread Andrea, can't wait to try some of the recipes from the book.

Shopping in the States

rice crackers and gf pretzel sticks

gf pastas, Annie's was on sale for $1.50 :) :)

gf baking items :)

fruit snacks that do not have artificial flavours and colours

Wheat free cereals, Connor can eat oats. I love that the gluten
free foods are labelled, makes it much easier shopping.

One of Connor's fav Food Network Hosts, I could not resist buying him them.

I took a trip over to Water town to go grocery shopping with my SIL. We had a great day there finding all kinds of new things. I found a lot of things that were gluten free and free of any artificial flavours and colours. Of course I had to read all the labels and make sure each one was safe for Connor to eat. I stocked up on a good selection that would be good for breakfasts, baking, school lunches & snacks and dinner. I bought other things but these are the things that will be great for making gluten free meals and snacks. My pantry is now stocked up for back to school and hockey and figure skating nights.